Elite Security & Surveillance Is Unparalleled

What makes Elite Security & Surveillance unparalleled is our one-on-one personalized service. This gives us the means to meet the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier which increases customer satisfaction. We believe that individualized, person centered service is the foundation for truly personalized services. Our standard policy is to educate our customers about security and leave the final decision to them, as it empowers customers to take control of what their goals are and how they’re going to be achieved. Each security and surveillance system is designed with our customer’s goals in mind.

Founded By Martin Samo

Elite Security & Surveillance was founded by Martin Samo who has been in the electronics and security industry since 1986. Martin Samo is a technical-minded Electrical Engineer who obtained his engineering degree from San Diego State University’s Department of Engineering. Martin’s engineering qualities coupled with his years of experience in the security business is what makes his security solutions unique. Martin and his highly-trained team of technicians are able to serve each client’s unique security requirements by working out the right design, product and implementation tailored to each client’s security and smart home needs. Martin is client-focused and dedicated to client satisfaction. He is committed to high quality service-driven solutions and quick response times.

Martin Samo

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industry leading protection with the most advanced, top-notch and up-to-date products on the market today and to provide our customers with the highest quality and the most cutting edge technology and design. We believe in the prevention of crime and reducing crime in neighborhoods. We are committed to creating safer homes, businesses and neighborhoods and staying dedicated to client satisfaction.

Our Technicians

Our technicians are Smart Home certified experts. Each of our technicians is personally trained and possesses extensive electrical and mechanical skills. In addition to our training, our technicians are factory trained by Panasonic, Sony, DSC, Geovision, Everfocus, and Pelco, HIKVISION, Clinton Electronics and many more.

24/7 Alarm-staffed Monitoring Center

If your alarm system is triggered, our monitoring center agents will know about it instantly and will know exactly which sensor was tripped and where the intrusion occurred and will notify police immediately.

Our monitoring center uses state-of-the-art technology along with the most highly trained, elite team of professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff in the industry. A customer’s home or business has never been more secure. The combination of our intelligent software and our incomparable customer service representatives provides the ultimate in detection, signaling and response to various signals such as burglary, fire, hold-up, panic, low battery, and A/C power failure.

Our two-way voice option allows our customer service representatives to communicate with you from anywhere in your home for added peace-of-mind.

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