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Car and Pedestrian Recognition

Video analytics is the ideal solution for businesses, retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses. It can be used for advanced intrusion detection such as detecting blocked emergency exits, identifying a person or object entering a pre-defined area.

License Plate Capture

Capturing license plates of every vehicle moving in and out of a particular area enables you to gain information and knowledge of traffic flow and usage patterns to ensure operations are running safely and efficiently. It enables you to monitor which vehicles are entering an area and whether they are authorized to be there.

Audio and Video

Prewire Designing an InfrastructureWe work directly with architects, builders and homeowners to achieve the complete foundation for your data, Wi-Fi distribution, phone/communications, audio/video, music distribution and intercom systems. Our in-house designers will lay out your complete system on CADD or any other method required. We use ultra-high cables to ensure best performance. Music DistributionListen to… Read more »

Perimeter Monitoring & Motion Detection

Perimeter motion detection and protection is another layer of outdoor protection that is used around the perimeter of your business. This technology system sends instant video alerts of activity directly to the property owner’s smartphone for real-time review which allows the owner to call police should there be an intruder. Perimeter Monitoring Systems have the… Read more »

Access Control

We provide secure and easy ways to manage access control solutions for all property types with the use of integrated connected locks and/or card readers. Electronic access control gives authorized personnel easy access and safeguards against unauthorized entry. Access privileges can be granted into authorized areas during predetermined days and times for each key card,… Read more »

Fire Alarms

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new fire alarm system, annual testing and inspections, functional check/performance, UL listed monitoring of your existing or new fire alarm panel/security, or parts replacements or upgrades, call our office today for a free quote. We’ve been here since 1981, servicing southern California and have strived to secure businesses with professional… Read more »

Surveillance Camera Systems

Surveillance camera systems are designed to secure, protect, and monitor your company and employees and are becoming more and more important due to the increasing crime and theft around us. Elite Security and Surveillance’s range of video solutions can address the unique monitoring requirements of any business property. The presence of security systems help in… Read more »

Security Alarms

As a local San Diego business, we understand how vital your business is as well as the priority of its security. Elite Security and Surveillance provides innovative Business technology solutions to monitor and protect your business and everyone in it. We are committed to using leading technology, services, and features to provide better security, convenience,… Read more »